We service clients throughout the whole of the UK, with a huge rage of packaging products. Listed here are some of the common packaging products we supply. Our products are UK sourced and manufactured to the highest quality and depending on your requirement we deliver a same day despatch service. From e-commerce to PLC we have the complete range of packaging products for you to operate your business. Speak to one of our specialist consults we have the knowledge & capacity at market leading prices.


Our padded envelopes are manufactured here in the UK by the leading brands, which are Mail lite by sealed air, Arofol, featherpost and Jiffy. Our 150,000 sq ft. warehouse enables us to bulk purchase these brands at the lowest cost possible and pass our savings on, try our sister site and buy online today.

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All our padded envelopes are boxed so if you require 1 box to 100s of boxes we can help. We have a huge range of stock ready for a next day delivery, white padded envelopes or gold padded envelopes are the main products we sell along with other colours.


All our mailing bags are manufactured here in the UK. We ensure our bags are regularly quality tested, odour free and at the lowest cost possible. Used mainly by e-commerce we understand cost reduction and speed of packing. Our stock grey mailing bags are better option and quality than the common blue metallic style bags, order online today.

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If you require different printed styles, clear or on reels for automation please contact us


Book wraps are a cardboard postal mailer, also known and referred to as Jiffy box, Jiffy mailing box, cardboard postal box, bookwrap, bukwrap, book mailers, cardboard mailers and cardboard book mailers. Commonly used by Amazon, a supplied flat made from stiff Kraft 125k flute board these are a highly protective, stackable book wrap mailer, perfect material to apply a shipping label to and they feature variable depth from stock sizes. Supplied either with a high adhesive peel and seal strip or not.


All board envelopes, lil envelopes, cardboard mailing envelopes, rigid cardboard envelopes are some of the common names for these style of envelopes, similar to book wraps but made using a thinner 350gsm pressed card, rather than a thicker box style corrugated material. Quicker to pack versus, book wrap and padded envelope.  There are 8 stock sizes available 180mm x 164mm is perfect for CDs and is the smallest to the largest being 448mm x 328mm.


Bubble wrap is an air retained circular area providing a superior long lasting protective barrier, lightweight and cost effective cushioning. Supplied on rolls of various stock widths and lengths this type of packaging is used by many companies to protect goods in transit.


We supply tape to support e-commerce, branded tape ensures quality every time and with our buying power we pass on the savings. Our standard widths are 48mm by 66m or 150m roll length depending on the size of your operation the larger roll lengths reduced time loading the tape reels versus standard 66m. Normally boxed in either 6 rolls or 36 rolls with a next service.
Good adhesion and holding power on various surfaces, resistant to diluted acids and alkalis, temperature resistant, easy to unwind and suitable for recycling processes.


Whatever type of box you are looking for we can help. Common for e-commerce are single wall cardboard boxes or for heaver items double wall cardboard boxes. Robust, environmentally considered material, supplied flat for easy storage and transportation. Postal boxes, Pricing in proportion, pip boxes, common sizes

C1 19x13x4
C2 19x13x5.75
C3 19 x 13 x 8
C3 19x13x7.75
C4 19 x 13.25 x 12
C4 19x13x11.75
D4 22x18x12
E1 16 x 9 x 4
E4 16 x 12 x 4
E6 16 x 12 x 8
F3 26x19x8.75
J7 (B7H) 40.5 x 5.25 x 5.25

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