Business Critical Documents

Since 1984 we have understood the importance of operational print for your enterprise

Physical and electronic define the 2 processes of communication. Hard copy (physical) are pre-printed, usually company branded documents that set out certain rules from one business to another. White paper (electronic) can be either plain forms printed by determined set documents (MPS) or via the internet. These business critical documents enable companies to acquire products and services from one another, they are the fundamental part of a business operation. Without them business become less efficient effecting bottom line performance.

A4 Laser / Invoices / Statements / Picking Notes

Laserable A4 paper, the common weights being 80gsm and 90gsm run and printed by mono laser printers. Documents are normally pre-printed litho with details that relate to the documents, company branded. Laser Invoices allow business to charge for goods and services, along with statements, picking notes and despatch notes these forms are used as an integral part of a supply chain process. We have the experience and knowledge to take laser pre-print forms over to a plain paper solution integrated with our managed print process (MPS). This reduces waste, stock, improves efficiency and increases cash flow.

NCR Pads / Books / Sets

NCR pads are a very cost effective solution for hand written forms that require multiple copies, or single part like application forms. Commonly used as Order Pads, Invoice Pads or Receipt Pads. NCR books are stapled, normally in 2 positions covered with a tape spine. NCR sheets are perforated and any NCR sheet which are not, remain in the book, this keeps all they records together and has an advantage over NCR pads or NCR sets. NCR sets are like pads but without the board back and writing shield they are as the name suggest supplied loose, glued either short or long edge.

 NCR Pad Specifications

A5 (148mm x 210mm) & A4 (210mm x 297mm) plus custom sizes available
Single sided print (face only) or double sided print (face & reverse) print to all parts
Single colour print, black or bespoke colour  (Pantones)
Litho print or digital print
NCR Paper colours. White, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, old gold
Finished in sets per pad, 20, 25, 50, 100’s or custom

Glued on the long or short edge
Finished in pads, sets or stapled bound in to books
Grey board back loose or attached  writing shield
File holes
Sequential numbering option

Pressure Seal

Pressure seal was invented by Paragon, it is a secure solution for mailing. A pressure sensitive glue is applied to the outer of a form, laser printed and folded to C5 or DL through a pressure machine to form an envelope, opened by the recipient via a perforation. Pressure seal reduces the hassle & cost of mailings, as traditional mailing is an A4 sheet, letter inserted in a self seal or dry gummed envelope. Pressure sealed forms like letterheads are normally pre-printed litho often including a postage paid stamp.

Government / Councils
Accounting forms, payslips/ P60s

We offer payroll outsourcing
Pressure seal machines

Master seal mailer / Pressure seal forms
UK Manufactured, Europe wide delivery

Laser Pin Mailers

This innovative product is designed to be the safest and securest way to distribute alpha or numeric passwords on a tamper proof laser or continuous sheet of paper. With laser print technology virtually replacing most computer impact printing we now have a product that safe guards the information contained within it thus avoiding unauthorised access using E-Flow Pin.

Pin Mailers service many diverse sectors of commerce, mainly the banking and financial markets but can be applied to just about any organisation that requires secure information being distributed – in an ever evolving world and market, loyalty cards, redeeming points for purchase of goods maybe become easier with a chip and pin style card using the very same product.

Some of the recognised names for these products are hydalam (Hydalam X0+1 or Hydalam Hmp084) scratch code, pin panel, doc pin, laser pin, smart tab, pin tab, scratch pin, fiscode chip & pin .You may already be a user of this product, someone looking to reduce their current cost or have a new project based around this product, either way you can contact us for more information.

We can supply an E-Flow Pin solution free under a licence agreement as long as it’s used with a high security pin mailer or indeed with your own designated data Bureau with whom we can arrange samples on your behalf, either way confidentially migrating to our knowledgeable team will guarantee our flexibility is tailored to suit your bespoke needs. We can handle all aspects of your fulfilment, providing the card carriers, bespoke printed envelopes and arrangement of the distribution.

Corporate identity is also critical to us and we go to great lengths to ensure this is maintained throughout the printing process, whether it be a single colour or run through a ten colour press, quality is continually checked, always achieved and laser Pins are produced to the latest APACS specifications. The in house studio team can process and provide wet proofs when you supply artwork or re-create a project from scratch, your complete in- house solution.

The security patch on the forms are designed in such a way that any fraudulent attempt to access the information will result in a tamper evident security message becoming visible which is achievable using a patented system. This will ensure that the rightful recipient will be instantly aware of any fraudulent activity as once the seal is broken it is totally irreversible so any attempts to replace it are easily identifiable. The security data cannot be read without executing the system thus making it the complete solution.

Areas that laser pin covers

Building societies
Pre-loaded cards
Pension companies
Wealth management companies
Financial institutions

Private investment services
Credit unions
Private banking
Online banking
Insurance companies

Property access
Product access (online and offline)
On-line access
Services (mobile/warranties/internet)

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