Since 1984 we have supplied litho printing & more recently digital printing, based in Northampton we cover the whole of the UK.

Business critical, promotional, security, tailored litho printing or digital printing solutions supplied from UK leading company JSB Print Solutions. The reality is that the print landscape is and has changed, the reality is businesses move faster today than ever, digital print suits today’s demands, faster turnarounds, variability and shorter cost effective print runs.

Nobody knows your business like you do

You know as you grow you need change, what’s right now may not be right in the future.

JSB Print Solutions started supplying continuous business forms, sprocket driven impact printing by dot matrix printers due to the advancement of computer technology, where previous NCR (no carbon required) paper, hand written documentation was the means of communicating business to business. Continuous forms which are litho printed are still a part of our business today, along with NCR Pads, NCR sets and NCR books.

Litho Printing

An image, logo and text is either exposure of a light source with a film on top of the printing plate or by laser which creates a negative of what is being printed, chemically treated this provides the printing plate for each colour required. CMYK requires 4 plates, a 2 colour litho printed job will require 2 printing plates. The printing plates are mounted onto rollers within the printing press, sometimes called “tower or print stations” these contain the pantone colour required for that printing plate. A “blanket” squeezes excess water and the “blanket” picks up the ink and transfers that ink to the media which it is printing too. Available presses 1-10 colour reel to reel, reel to sheet, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 & A8

  • Continuous 1,2 & 3 wide, various finishing stations
  • Web Fed press
  • Sheet fed B1, B2, B3 1-10 COLOURS
  • Pantone specific, premium quality colour, specialist ink colours, metallic inks
  • Suitable for variable media, cards, heavyweight paper stock, plastics
  • Cost effective, medium to long print runs
  • Auto density control system

Digital Printing

Digital printing has changed the print landscape for the last decade, customer’s expectations and quality requirements drive technology advancements. Digital print really is the way forward nowadays, digital presses are built for the changing world of print. Our state of the art web to print solution, lets us take more print jobs from different locations and locate them at the correct print stations to deliver superior colour. Batching jobs together and printing them productively, our workflow software is automated and integrated from start to finish.

Our automated colour maintainer tool ensures every part of the digital print step is of a high standard, removing the manual process a system diagnostic tool assess the first print and makes millions of micro alterations detecting any streaks or issues in the print quality before the main print run. This high end digital print is aimed at the photo market where exceptional quality is required. We maintain print standards, job to job, press to press following your brand colour requirements

Our new 5th colour digital press technology enables us to match the ever increasing pantone colours with no impact of our presses performance. 5th station technology allows us to add elements of orange, green & blue to CMYK accurately hitting brand colours where previously they would have been produced litho/offset. Matt dry inks now give outstanding quality results compared to litho, our 5 colour digital presses enable us to print clear spot varnish and various security enhancements at a fraction of the cost of traditional print production.

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